The Rhythm Of Folk India

Today, Stark uncertainty prevails. The time changes with the evolution of tools in the current volatile time. If our legacy and culture is preserved we would be termed as an educated and turning towards the culture & custom oriented country side would open avenues of enlightenment. We need the most Kala Gaon is the stepping stone.

Our culture and philosophy inspires us to become congenial understandings and tolerant in all diversities and social contrasts and value a peaceful co-existence promoted by our thinkers, poets, philosophers, sages and even a common man who practices values in every day life miles away from greed & glut. This concept of peaceful co-existence and unity in all diversity was conspicuously exposed and depicted in printings, sculpture and artifices such as pottery, handicraft etc. Kala Gaon generates nostalgia as it exposes our glorious and peaceful past and struggles to survive in the gold-rush of the modernization, materialistic progress all around.

It is a fact beyond doubt the India lives in villages but breath in cities. It enjoys a global recognition invoking massive interest and curiosity of the foreigners who scrambles in million to visit India as explorer of the Indian culture, philosophy and art. Kala Gaon is their ultimate solution.

It has nothing to do with the negative side of the society striken with poverty, backwardness and other socio-economic evils which prevail even in the developed countries where a section of the society struggle for survival. Kala Gaon depicts India, a place to live where people abundantly celebrate all events in life and wish to get indulged in all merry-makings just to make it a community matter. All play colour in Holi, Light-up homes in Deepawali, all dance, sing and rejoice the event which ultimately derive importance. India is the lone country in the world where people create occasions to enjoy with others with lots of funs, fare and spread message of co-existence of the mankind. People living abroad can not beat temptation to visit India and join the common man smiling in odds. Kala Gaon exposes this aspect in our Indian culture & society well preserved in the countryside in villages of course. Visit any home in any village, adequate of art & culture can easily be seen on walls, doors, entrance and in specific places in the premises. This is the subject matter of the Kala Gaon namely a panoramic exposure of true India, dresses, ornaments, music, handicraft, routine life activities, agricultural tools, weaving, painting (rangoli) etc. and keep them alive in thoughts & in behavior through a systematic presentation.

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